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2013 Calendar Models.

To the amazing men who spent their weekends, their weeknights, last minute in the middle of a thunder storm, free time out at Studio B in front of Lee's or Erin's camera, thank you. Thank you for donating not only your time, but your very likeness to this project. Your selflessness and willingness to do 'whatever it takes' in order to help those less fortunate than ourselves is something I hope you are all truly proud of.


Sir Alan Penrod (Cover and February)
International LeatherSIR 2011

Sir Alan has been active in the Leather & BDSM lifestyle for nearly two decades. He is the President of Panther Leather/Levi Club and the co-founder of the Hotlanta Rubber and Gear Club. Sir Alan is the owner and executive producer of "Southeast Black and Blue Weekend", the chairman of Atlanta Leather Pride Weekend, and a planning committee member of "Spring in the South (SITS) BDSM Weekend". He facilitates BDSM classes and demos specializing in clothes pins/clamps, caning, paddling, hot wax, mummification, bondage, BDSM scene negotiation, and DOM/sub relationships. Alan believes in maintaining a tradition of protocol & etiquette, teaching the core values of Trust, Honor, and Respect within his leather family.


Chandler Bearden (January and December)
Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2010

Chandler Bearden is a native Georgian and has been a resident of Atlanta for nearly 20 years. Chandler was Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2010. His relationship with the community includes presenting at Southeast Leather Fest, Leather Heart Foundation and volunteers regularly within the community for fundraising and general assistance on a variety of levels including Hotlanta Roundup an event for LGBT in recovery, Street Meals Volunteer for the homeless, Intergalactic Love Affair an annual event benefitting various non-profits and involvement with the Atlanta Meth Task Force.


Bryson "Pup Nitro" Hankinson (February and July)
International Leatherboy 2011

Nitro was born and raised South Carolina. In 2005, he moved to Atlanta where he met Sir Alan Penrod and began to discover his "Leather Heart". Nearly a year later he earned his collar and was given his pup name, "NITRO" (Needs Intense Torture to Reach Orgasm). Nitro currently serves as an Executive board Member of Panther Leather/Levi Club, and is a Co-Founder of the Hotlanta Rubber and Gear Club. Nitro teaches BDSM and Leather Lifestyle classes on a variety of topics and enjoys any play involving tight bondage, mummification, rubber/latex, electricity, cbt, and watersports. He also serves as a mentor to other boys, helping them find their voice within our beautifully diverse leather community.


GMAN (March, May, October)
Mr. International Rubber 2011

GMAN ATL loves to get piggy and wet in his rubber. He loves to introduce others to the enjoyment of this sensual material. He is a founding member of the Hotlanta Rubber & Gear Group and Mr. Southeast Rubber 2010. In 2011, he won the Mr. International Rubber title. GMAN is an active volunteer and fundraiser for CHRIS Kids (CHRISKids.org), an Atlanta organization whose mission is to heal children, strengthen families and build community, including LGBT & Q youth. GMAN can often be seen sporting latex around Atlanta and especially at his home bar, the Atlanta Eagle. If you see him, come say Hi.


D.I. (Deviant Innocence) (March)

D.I. is a rubber neophyte. However, kink has been in his blood for a long time. This is only reinforced by the fact that D.I. got his Prince Albert on his 18th birthday when he skipped class from his private Catholic High School. Of all the things D.I. has experienced, he is humbled the most by that fact that since November 21st, 2003; he has been sober from Crystal Meth. He hopes others that are or have struggled with Crystal Meth or other addictions, realize that a fully embraced fetish life can co-exist with being free of addiction.



SIR Ben (April)
Southeast LeatherSIR 2012

SIR Ben has contributed much time and energy to the Leather Community and is currently the Vice-President of the South Florida Mintours and Southeast LeatherSIR 2012. He is also an associate member of the Panthers L/L and was Mr. Southeast Conference of Clubs 2011. He has conducted many fundraisers for various leather events and clubs and continues to work in the community. He competed at International Mister Leather 2011 and was a finalist placing 12th. SIR Ben, along with his boy, joe boy, wont the most recent South Florida Community Service Award.


joe boy (April)
Southeast Leatherboy 2012

joe boy and his Sir (Sir Ben) have been involved in the leather community since 1992. joe boy is Southeast Leatherboy 2012, a Founding Member of the South Florida boys of Leather, Charter Member of the South Florida Minotaurs; Associate Member of the Panthers L/L and Chairman of the Board of the Leather Heart Foundation. joe boy was Mr. Ramrod 2009 and placed 7th at IML 2010.



Les Bouska (May and October)

Sometimes beauty rises up from the darkest of places. Sometimes it shines like a torch on a dungeon wall. Other times, it fools us. Having been there all along and never bringing attention to itself. I am continuously blown away by how beautiful people are, and yet so few allow that to be part of their being. No matter what it might look like. No matter what shape, size, or color it might be, comfort in one's own skin is extremely rare and beautiful beyond words. Completely devoted to honoring that place that fuels our beauty.

That spirit that makes us claim our flesh and express our power in it. Hopelessly devoted to aiding and abetting that thing that makes each of us unique. Deviance is power.

Show me how beautiful you can be.


Alfredo Fatale (June and January 2014)

Alfredo Fatale is a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, and physique model based out of the Atlanta area. Part jokester, part philosopher, part meathead...his primary loves in life are ashtanga yoga, body sculpting, and ballroom & Latin dance. With a goal of inspiring a new generation to get back off the couches and to start actively chasing their dreams, he is always ready to help educate and motivate individuals towards healthy living to the fullest. Find out more about him at AlfredoFatale.com



boy dana (August)
Georgia Leatherboy 2000

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, boy dana has called Atlanta, Georgia home since 2001. He's a charter member of The 7 Guardsmen, BLUF member #2973, alumni member of Onyx, associate member of HOTFF and the Trident Knights of Charleston, South Carolina. Boy dana, also known as Mama's Quiet boy & Mama's Boot Whore, began his kinky journey at the age of 19. Since then, he's had the honor to participate on many BDSM education panels, demo bottom for the best in the world and serve as Georgia Leatherboy 2000. He's not afraid of hard work and enjoys helping out whenever he can. The boy is into many things, but his LOVES are cigars, boots, yoga and pain. OINK!!



Omegamann can be found around Atlanta, pretty much any where there may be rope. An amazing rigger, he has taught classes at conventions such as Frolicon as well as helping local rope enthusiasts hone their skill. He also makes and sells his own line of jute rope called Ωmegajute We also would like to extend our heartfelt Congratulations on his recent engagement!


Wayne Turpin (November)
Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2011

I began my leather journey in 2010 by talking to members of the leather community and asking questions about what it meant to belong to a leather club and what happened at leather events. Of course these questions lead to more questions like what does it mean to be a Leatherman and how do I find my place in this culture. As chance would have it I was given an opportunity to compete in a small leather contest at Roy's Hideaway and won. As Mr. Hideaway Leather 20lI I was able to compete in the Mr. SECC leather 2011 contest. I was given an opportunity to compete in the Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2011 contest which I won. As Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2011 I host fund raising events for Chris Kids and attended leather runs and events hosted by other clubs. In October 2011 I was approached by a friend to help restart a leather club that had gone under in the early 2000's. He asked me to become the President of the newly reformed Coastal Empire Sentinels and begin a new chapter in my leather journey, one of bringing people together under the ideas of honor, respect in leather, and brotherhood.


Peep Peep of Le Sexoflex (December)

It's the P-double-E-double-P-double-E-P! Part queer rapper. Part radical superhero. All parts badass. Peep Peep hit the Buttlanta scene along with the rest of his cohorts in the band Le Sexoflex nearly five years ago, spitting their brand of dance/rap/comedy onto the unsuspecting (m)asses. Peep is always ready to bring the noise, dance with his shirt off, and instigate inappropriate behavior! Now do yourself a favor and go google these crazy kids to see what we mean!