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How it all began.

Around five years ago I was fundraising for one of my favorite charities, the Atlanta chapter for Bikers for Babies and the March of Dimes. Being very involved within the Leather community in Atlanta they were the first people I reached out to as a means to raise money. The support I found blew me away and over the next few years our fundraising efforts went from me holding my hand out, to a corset raffle, to multiple corset raffles (with donations from the amazing Ms. Martha of Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe), dungeon parties, silent and live auctions, kick-off parties, and the works. This year we had decided to attempt a calendar to raise funds as well and once again I reached out to the community. Once again the response was not only amazing, but truly humbling. All I heard was "Just tell us where and when Lizzy and we will be there!" and "What ever you need Lizzy!"

Sadly about half way through this project I received word that the Atlanta chapter of Bikers for Babies was being shut down. As you can imagine I was heart broken. One of the huge draws to Bikers for Babies for me was that all the money raised remained local and went towards helping our community. After some serious soul-searching I went back to my photographers and my models and put it to them, I wanted to continue with the calendar, but I wanted to choose a local charity to donate the proceeds to. As usual they were behind me 100 percent and after some discussion we chose Lost N Found as this years beneficiaries.

Our hope and our goal is to continue this project, to bring a new Dirty Boys calendar to you each year with members of our community in it to raise money for local charities. Each year we hope to chose a new charity (or two) to receive the money raised. Through your purchase of this calendar (and in the future individual prints) you are allowing us an opportunity to give back to the community and we hope it inspires others to continue to pay it forward. For that gift all of us here are eternally grateful. Please visit the links of our models and our contributors and learn more about the people who have dedicated not only their time, but their likeness to this project.

Love in Leather,


Calendar Coordinator

Lizzy, who is always amused by referring to herself in third person, has been an Atlanta resident for the past sixteen years and involved with the Atlanta leather and kink community for just as long. Married to her soul mate for the past twelve years she spends most of her time raising the next generation of girl gamer geeks as a stay at home mom. In her spare time she often can be found holding up a bar at the Atlanta Eagle with her brothers and sisters of the Panther L/L. More than anything Lizzy finds joy and meaning in volunteering and in the past has been a major contributor/fundraiser for the now closed Atlanta chapter of Bikers for Babies/March of Dimes. As a bipolar, bisexual woman, Lizzy believes in removing the stigma of living with mental illness as well as fighting for equality for all human beings regardless of sexuality and as a mother feels it is her responsibility to make sure that her daughters are allowed to grow up being whoever they wish to be.

Lee David

Lee David Photography

Lee David, of Lee David Photography is a lifestyle and fetish photographer based in Atlanta. Lee's unique style involves color, contrast, lighting and an eye to capture the mood of the shoot whether that is soft and glamorous, or hard and dramatic. Photography has been a part of Lee's life since he was a child growing up in Chicago and has evolved into a passion that continues to grow and develop with each shoot. His enjoyment comes in the joy of seeing the emotion and capturing the moment and the resulting happiness it brings. Lee works to shoot images that stir some kind of emotion in the viewer. That may be a smile and the joy that a nice portrait or image can bring or a more visceral reaction to the capture of a more dramatic scene. Lee's studio on the West side of Atlanta is in a small oasis in city, combining an industrial look with the Zen feel of a bamboo garden. There is always something going on at the studio, individual shoots, learning sessions, group portfolio building shoots, video shoots, and studio rentals are just a part of what keeps the studio and Lee busy. www.leedavid.net

Erin - Wicked Kitten Productions

erin, of Wicked Kitten Productions, is a lifestyle and fetish photographer from the Atlanta area, shooting anything from lifestyle events and portraits to boudoir and fetish images with her own particular style that she refers to as " the softer side of sin". Photography has been her passion since she was a teenager, but didn't actually become an active part of her life until about five years ago. She loves bringing out the very best in her subject; helping them to see the beauty within themselves that others see. Nothing makes her happier than to see the smile on their face when they see how amazing they look thru her lens. She loves capturing emotion, moments, memories and history. erin has been spotted, usually shooting barefoot, at such events like Atlanta Leather Pride, Twisted Toyland, SELF, Spring in the South, and other various group shoots in the Atlanta area. One of her favorite pieces was recently displayed at the Ikaros Art Collective. "I am wicked...hear me rawr" http://wickedkitten.smugmug.com/

Wicked Kitten Productions

Joseph Field
Print Production and Design

Tori Roberts

Tori Roberts is a web producer and founder of a virtual company, WRC, Inc., that networks web production talent throughout the US and Canada. Websites are built economically by pulling in only the staff needed for the project, keeping overhead low. Since 1994, her team has worked on hundreds of sites for individuals and Fortune 100 companies.